DAY 14

No calorie counting, macro counting,

replacement shakes or bars.

Easy meal planning so you

have more time to enjoy your life.

Feel better, regain energy, reduce

inflammation, and lose weight.

Get Your New Year Started Off Right

Day 14- Wholesome Earth Program offers a unique and sensible way to simplify the way you eat by using 5 incredibly awesome categories. Eating within these categories will allow you to explore your nutrition, meet your weight lose goals, all while teaching you how to maintain well after you finish the program. This 35 day guide will allow  2-3 categories daily (all which are inspired by means of the earth and natural resources ex: red meat, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, fish) that you will be eating from for the course of the day. You will be given amazing guidelines for each category that will take the guess work out of creating your menus, and ALLOW YOU to fully enjoy the foods YOU LIKE. This program puts you in charge of your menus and bring you back to the basics of clean eating in such a unique way that your whole family will enjoy being a part of your weight loss journey. 



-35 Day Guided Category Plan 

- 20 Page Success Manual

-Sample Menu Ideas 

-Library With At Home Workouts

-Forming New Habits Plan And How To Implement New Habits

-Eating With A 80/20 Mind Frame Guide

-Community Support Via Facebook

-35 day and beyond, how to maintain and sustain

-Body Measurement Guide

ACCESS to Day 14- Wholesome Earth Program on FACEBOOK that includes:

A Great Library Of Recipes To Make Your Planning EASY (examples below)




Extra Library Of Awesome Printable Workouts and Videos (examples below)




- Fun Weekly Health Topics To Keep You On Track

- Coaching And Nutrition Tracking via Fitness Pal

- Monthly Trainers Choice Challenges To Keep You Motivated

-Easy To Make Crock Pot Meals (Videos)

-Full Community Support To Help You Reach Your Goals

** Once you purchase the program there is a link included to give you full access, I highly recommend

joining the page**

Take your weight loss to a new level while fueling your body with all the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. DAY 14- WHOLESOME EARTH PROGRAM will change your eating style and maximize your personal results. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE CULINARY SKILLS to make a awesome menu, and DAY 14 helps walk you through how to do just that by allowing your meals to be BASIC but ENJOYABLE.



WATER:Any foods that swim or lives in the water.



LAND: Any animal that runs on Land and what it produces (ex: Dairy)



FLY: Any animal that has wings or flies included what they produce (ex. Eggs)



GROUND: Any vegetable or fruit that grows close to the ground



TREE: Any fruit that grows in trees.



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price of $49.99

Simplify your life, enjoy your meals, create a real change that will last a lifetime.


FLY: Any animal that has wings or flies included what they produce (ex. Eggs)