• Christine Schultek

Are you CATFISHING your own life?

What what? Really can this even be done? Well yes indeed it can. Not in the way of luring yourself into a relationship...but more like creating a person to the world you want others to see you as? I mean come on, we are all guilty of that right? In the world of social media its easy to get involved in others lives. For many of us we have spent the past 9 years seeing Tara from 6th grade science class build a multi million dollar business, marry the prince of her dreams, and raise the most perfect little human beings.. all the while you sit in a cubicle, barely have time to catch up with the hubs, and your kids fight non stop. So what do you start following day your facebook and other social media goes from statues such as " OMG I need a MOMcation" to " I had the most romantic weekend with the most amazing man of my dreams" followed by a bunch of shit hashtags to get followers....followers who will eventually start comparing their lives to yours....and the cycle of catfishing ourselves continue like a plague of random happiness. Now before you think I'm the most bitter woman alive...i'm really not (crap someone once told me if you have to tell someone your not something that means you probably are). Trust me on this one I am not. In fact I spent a few years catfishing my life until it became clear that what people needed was those in their life going through EXACTLY what they are going through. They needed support, encouragement, and an ear. It's important to know although I'm sure there are some Mary Poppins out there with somehow incredible kids that NEVER do a thing wrong (cough cough) that there ARE MORE people out there that are imperfected, unique, and share your story. What I'm trying to say is its okay to be you. Its okay if some day you are off, some days you feel sad, some days you want to drive with the windows down and the music super high. Its okay to be afraid, doubtful, worried. The people that were placed in your life will accept you for the faults you have, because lets be honest we all have them, just some people hide it better. When you start catfishing your life you start losing the person in the mirror....and trust me I bet she is one hell of a woman.