• Christine Schultek

Feed Your Soul Some Appetizers....

What is an appetizer?? It is defined as "as small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal or the main course of a meal to stimulate one's appetite." In our everyday life we tend to hear the word appetizer and immediately think of a cute handcrafted puffy treat loaded with yummy goodness inside...right? Now step away from the thought quickly and look at your life. During the course of any day we have "main courses" and I mean these figuratively of course. Moments in your day that our the main source example: going to work, cleaning the house, caring for the kids, and so on. This are the "main courses" of your individual day. Some of us may have about 3 while others have around 6. Now that does not mean one person is way more busy than the other, it may be because they prioritize differently...once again ok and that's up to the individual. Now let's say that all day long you are feeding yourself the MAIN COURSES, like back to back. Most of us actually live this way. I wake up, start cleaning, get to work, get the kids off the school, continue cleaning, manage the house, drive kids to events, come home and fall into bed sometimes before the sun sets. This happens because I have indulged into too many MAIN COURSES throughout the day. I didn't take any time to take in a small appetizer here and there. An appetizer is any moment in your day that you take in a sight, a smell, or you make time only for yourself. Its during these times that we are fully able to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the much larger task that is in front of us. Being able to feed your soul these "appetizers" does exactly what you need it to do "it stimulates you". My challenge to you is to add at least 3 times a day that you are feeding your soul. If its through meditation, exercise, reading, chatting on the phone with a friend....anything that will purposely allow you to have time for YOU. I bet you will feel the difference. #moms #fitnessblog #fitness #exercise #body #fitpro #fitfam #fitnestips #strongnotskinny #fitgoals