• Christine Schultek

I Cannot Stay MOTIVATED...HELP!!!

Haaaaa, , seriously I have been here 100's of times myself in the diet and workout world. You would think that it would seriously become easy for me to keep on track, journal all my meals, weigh in every other day, workout on a cloudy Sunday, and stay away from those yummy heavy beers. But nope, like many people I too struggle day in and day out. I will admit however I can be easily motivated especially when I see someone come in and have a kick ass workout. Staying motivated is by far THE HARDEST part of the journey. How many times have you started a new food plan on a MONDAY, and by Friday you are sitting at the local waterhole downing a couple of cocktails and eating everything fried under the moon? I'm going to slowly raise my hand here and I'm thinking about 90% of you reading this are doing the same thing...the other 10% may just be either super human, or they are thinking really hard on the last time they found themselves digging through the cabinets. Either way...I have a great solution for you. You see when I personally get into these funks I noticed that's when I throw out a online challenge. You know I create a facebook group, come up with a cool concept and run with it. Because I have put myself out there this gives me not only personal motivation, but it gives me accountability. So here is a great solution for you especially during the hard winter months when getting outside is almost impossible. Now a days with facebook we can easily stay in contact with our friends and family from any part of the world. And trust me, most likely they too are searching for ways to stay accountable and motivated. With this platform it becomes a great place to start YOUR OWN fitness group. Heck no, you don't need all the fancy training, or bells and whistles. You don't have to pay a certain amount if that's the way you take your group. It can be a place where you and your friends can gather and share workouts, put out weekly challenges, or share interesting healthy snack and food ideas. You see this can become a place of not only a wealth of knowledge, but I place to gather with your own friends and have fun doing it. Earlier I mentioned paying for an online challenge, in this case toy can set up something like a biggest loser challenge that each individual pay x amount to join and the winner(s) receive cash by losing weight! YES, there is a way to do virtual weigh ins. The possibilities are unlimited. THE BEST part is that you are the one in control of how the group is run...which is super fun. As I said you don't have to make up your own workouts to share, you can pull those from the web...once again you are not making any money off of this so you can do just about anything (within reason). There are some great articles out there on how to start an online fitness challenge, or If you are in need of assistance on how to set up your own challenges reach out to me, I have done a few and they have been highly successful.

Stay accountable, stay motivated, have fun!