• Christine Schultek

Mom...What's for dinner?

I'm not sure how your run your household, but I have chatted with enough women that I know dinner time is by far the hardest meal to make time for. Either moms are busy running kids to and from sporting events, or taking care of other after school activities to even think about preparing a healthy dinner for the family. So the question always comes up "Mom, what's for dinner?" I have put together some very simple reminders to help you organize your weekly meal planning that I have found over the years really does make a difference.

1- PLAN AHEAD...this is like holy grail of motherhood. I mean come on us moms plan ahead weeks if not months in most cases. If we are taking a road trip or a flight with our kiddos are we going to wait until the eleventh hour to pack? HECK NO! You know what time little Johnnie needs to be fed, played with, and sleep. You have not only milk packed, but you have an extra baggie of candy in your side pocket because lets be honest a little bribing goes a long way. So just like your trips planning ahead your meals can make more time during the week for other crazy things that may pop up :0). I suggest grocery shopping on a Sunday or even having them delivered (yup, no excuses you don't even have to leave your home). Compile a list of everything needed and don't cut corners because one again we are TOO BUSY to have to run out because we forgot something.

2- CROCKPOTS ROCK- Okay seriously I hate admit it, it took me 8 years after having kids to realize that importance of this beautiful invention and how time saving it really is. I can easily get up 15 minutes before my scheduled wake up time (which let's be honest I have kids so that can be 2am or 6am..its never 9am) I cut up everything I need, and toss it into this pot. Really, that is it. I can let it simmer all day OR for you that may be a little OCD they do have ones with timers on it...and know by the time I get home its ready to be consumed. I was a little weirded out that I could actually put RAW meat in a pot and it actually would cook through...ohhhh it does and its usually soooo good. Add a few veggies, maybe make some 5 minute rice on the side and DONE! and here's the BIG like this on days you know you have to run around at different times and not sit as a family works GREAT! Healthy kids better athletes you know.

3- MEAL PREP- Okay so meal prepping is not only for people looking to lose weight or that are counting macros (ugggg who has time that that?) Meal prepping can be a GREAT way to make dinners ahead of time so all you need to do is throw it in the oven or microwave and your done. I usually prepare 8 checking breasts on Sunday. Oven temp 375, throw a little oil, salt and pepper on them and bake for 45-50 minutes. Don't forget to cut into those bad boys to make sure there is no pink. This way If by any chance I want to attempt sitting in the kitchen to actually make a meal I can cut up chicken to make tacos, chicken salads, or just eat them plain. I also like to make casseroles on a Sunday and either freeze them or if I know I will be baking them within a day or two I just leave them in the fridge. SUPER EASY! It takes a little time on a Sunday, but ones again I think it is a great way to save time during the week.

4- Treat the Family- This is one of my favorite days of the week because I don't have to do anything other then pick up the phone. Yes, its okay to order a pizza or take out once a week. Sometimes you really just cant get it in especially if something comes up at the last minute like drinks with your girlfriends. This is something the hubs or significant other can do so you can have a little time to refocus and enjoy a little YOU time.