• Christine Schultek

Prepare's coming

That's right folks the dreaded 2 months of holiday gorging is upon us. If you are anything like me this season actually starts the moment you open the first mini size snickers on Halloween. You have been starting to work off those summer pounds (that's right the average American actually gains during Summer) and BOOM...just like that the season of eating, sitting on the couch, and wine with every meal is here. UGGGGG, this can be frustrating and down right difficult for many people, myself included. Between holiday parties and potlucks at work your chances of surviving this 2 month feast is pretty slim in the weight control category. Or is it?

Most people throw In the towel on their healthy eating during this time of year. And January rolls up and once again we hit the gym full force. I wanted to take a few seconds of your time to give you some helpful tips to staying on track during the season :0).

1- This one actually has NOTHING to do with exercise, but I find it the most important. Don't STRESS. Most people tend to over eat when they are stressed. Keep things light, if you forget a certain gift or 5 unexpected people show up at your house for a gathering it okay. Just take a deep breath and enjoy what you are doing trust me you probably made enough food and if not order a pizza silly. Keep your sanity this season and write down what needs to be accomplished vs. what can wait. You will most likely not find yourself digging into those cabinets looking for food to comfort you.

2- Another big one.... JUST EAT THE PIE! Wait, what? the pie. First off one slice of pie is not going to make you gain weight...what will make you gain is over eating (which I will touch on soon). The best thing you can do for yourself is to allow yourself a treat here and there. You know what this does? It actually balances you out. If you decide to turn away from all the goodness (meaning treats) you will again most likely find yourself in the cabinets hoarding down pre packaged cupcakes at some point of the season. Your treats should be your reward for maintaining.

3- PORTION THE PLATE- And no this does not mean pile high to save the real estate. I always found a great way to portion control is to grab a smaller plate, this gives me less room for things I actually really do not want. Or cut your portions in half...heck, there will be more if you need a second trip. However, if you start out with a salad than you are going to cut that main portion more than you realize. Salad is not only good for you, but its a great source of nutrition and will fill you up a bit as well.

4- THE NAGGER- OHHHHH we all have these somewhere in the family. You start losing weight, you are eating better, working out, and people are noticing. STAY AWAY from the nagger at any of your upcoming parties. These people are designed to call you out and make you feel ABSOLUTLY horrible about what you are doing. UMMM yeah, just know it has NOTHING to do with you, it has all to do about them. They may see your success as a threat, and in return will make you feel bad about watching your food intake. It's sad but its also true. Your best bet is to just stay clear because they will entice you most likely by the dessert table :0).

5- STAY ACTIVE- Yes, winter is here and most of us love to spend time either inside our homes cuddled on the couch watching lifetime Christmas movies, or out at the bars trying to keep our insides warm. Okay okay...tis the season...go have fun, however BALANCE that fun with exercise or just staying active. Have snow?? Why not try a winter sport like snow shoeing or cross country skiing? NO snow...well then that gives you know reason not to go on a walk or run outside. Bring your phone for not only music, but to be able to catch some of the changing season on camera. I prefer a jog down to my local coffee shop and a walk back with a hot cup of JOE.

Of course there are other ideas to help keep extra weight off during the holidays, but to me these are the most important. Remember 80% cleaner eating and 20% have a little fun friends...we are here to enjoy after all!