• Christine Schultek

STOP Killing Your Workouts...

No I don't mean stop being a bad ass in the gym, I mean stop taking away what you just did by over indulging in sweets and carbs. Have you ever had a great day in the gym, you feel amazing when you walk out and get into your car. Your driving down the road and all of the sudden those damn golden arches are glaring at you. You make a quick decision that one Mcmuffin is only 300 calories. I mean come on the company claims it's an excellent source of protein. Actually they describe it using words such as grade A eggs on a toasted English Muffin topped with real butter and lean Canadian bacon. Since this was an example I wont fill your head with a bunch of ingredients that are not listed, I will add this link if you decide you want to read the truth about what you are really eating in a McMuffin and get back to the blog :0)

Its funny how people automatically think if they workout then they have the right to eat whatever they want....WRONG WRONG...and this can best be seen on the scale. I cannot tell you how many people I speak to that tell me they work out all the time and eat right and are not losing any weight. The real problem is this, most people have no idea what they are really eating unless they write it down, and lets be honest who has time for that? Most likely if you are working out and not losing weight it has to do mainly with your diet. In that case I would suggest to MAKE TIME and write it down. Of course there may be other reasons why you are not losing weight, but this is the MOST COMMON issue and one that should be taken seriously. So next time you hit the gym, instead of stopping for a bagel, or donut....take it to your kitchen and make something you have control over. And COUNT, COUNT, COUNT. If you can care less about the scale and want to go off you feel instead, by all means go on with your bad self I think that's personally awesome. But, if you step on the scale and really care about that number, then its time you make the change. No one can do it for you :0).