• Christine Schultek

That F*&$#@* scale.. STOP RULING ME!

The scale!! Seriously is this the worse or best invention ever? I guess it depends on who you ask. Personally I get overly frustrated stepping on and seeing the numbers jump. One day I may be at 137 and the next I'm down to 134...what gives? Okay, let's chat about this. First off there is NO cause for alarm if you notice the 5lb gain or loss. I actually call those 5lbs the normal, meaning if you gain 5lbs it may be due to water retention, if you lose 5lbs it may because you hammered out a great workout and you sweated out some excess water. Confusing right? Not really let me explain. On a average month or even day your weight goes up and down like an elevator. It may seem low in the morning due to the fact you have been sleeping for 7-9 hours and yet to eat breakfast... I personally would call this your true weight. Once you get your day started you will increase food intake due to the need to maintain your energy...meaning by the end of the day most likely that scale will not be showing the same numbers. With that said I would say TRUE weight gain or loss follows after the 5lbs window either way up or down. It absolutely kills me when people take part of "cleanses" and boost about losing 5lbs in 1 week. Yes, most likely you will lose 5 or even more during a cleanse...this does not mean you are losing fat. Most likely that is coming from extra water and salt you had originally. You will see that usually during week 2 there will be a dramatic change in how much you are taking off..maybe 1-2lbs, or in some cases NONE! Uggggg so frustrating especially when you continually see people online doing the same cleanse losing way more weight. Let's get real.... person 1 who may weigh in at 250lbs may in fact lose more than person 2 who weighs in at 130lbs. Person 1 has a considerable amount more to lose, and truly if you go by % instead of a number, person 2 may be losing the same amount of total body fat compared to person 1 even if h/er numbers are totally different. It's important you take into count that not everybody loses weight the same way. The diet that works for one may not work for another. If you find yourself getting frustrated...DON'T, just because you are not seeing the numbers change on the scale does not mean that what you are doing is not working. Now, with all that said let's get to the core question.... HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT?? Listen, there really is no magic pill or program out there that magically works. Programs are designed to help guide you, if you are not willing to take your changes to the kitchen or gym then you will not see or feel any differences. I know there is a ton out there on the internet...lose 12lbs in 2 weeks, lose 30lbs in 6 weeks....REALLYYYYY??? If you see something like this I'm going to say stay far away from it. You will buy into a program that at first may work, but then when your program ends, or you no longer can afford it, you probably will gain that weight back plus some. Please don't get me wrong I know people who sell weight lose programs and are making a difference in the lives of their clients, and that is awesome. But before you get involved do your research, ask the right questions...and if they are not pushing for exercise than maybe you need to look elsewhere. If you dramatically change your diet and stop drinking YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. Do you need all the extras being sold??? Probably not in most cases. Here are some easy to follow guidelines that will give you results without stretching the pocketbook:

1- 3 meals per day with 2 snacks- This does not mean donuts in the morning, burger at lunch, fishfry for dinner and chips for a snack...this means use common sense. You want to avoid fried, salted, high carbs, process foods, and sugar as much as possible from your diet. If you have no idea what you are consuming per day start a food log, this really has helped many people understand what they are putting in their bodies.

2- 80%-20%- Seriously we are adults and know what we should and should not be eating. This rule is an awesome one to live by. Eat "cleaner" 80% of your day, and use your 20% to treat yourself. Allowing yourself a treat here and there really can be rewarding and keep you from hoarding food later. It's all about balance.

3- Portion Control- This is an oldie but goodie. You know what you eat in order to fill full...welllll...cut the portion in half. Wait 20 minutes after eating to go get 2nds. This 20 minutes will allow your brain to catch up to your stomach. In most cases you are going to feel full and not need to go back for seconds.

4- STOP EATING- No, no I don't mean stop eating altogether, I mean stop eating about 2 hours before bedtime. This allows you to have plenty of time to digest what you have consumed over the day. You would not believe how much weight you can gain by eating right before bedtime, or if you are like me..midnight snacking.

4- EXERCISE- UMMMMM yes, this is my field and something I am super passionate about. There are a ton of benefits to exercising than just weight loss. It's about building confidence, feeling amazing, and getting that mom body to bounce back. Adding both a healthy diet and exercise program to your routine will not only allow you the results you are looking for, but will help you maintain it. YOU CANNOT DO ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER. These two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

These of course are only a few examples of how to get the results you want and how to maintain them. It's not about fillers, and magic programs. It's ABOUT YOU, and how you design your own personal program and if the scale is frustrating you I highly recommend going with body measurements. This does not mean throw the scale into the just means you may be changing in other ways than just bya number on a scale.