• Christine Schultek

That very moment....

Your best friend calls you up and asks you to join her in a super cool new fitness class starting at your gym. You immediately remember the last time she had this fancy idea and you ended up in a advanced yoga class with the most flexible human beings all gathered in one space while you struggled to get in the downward dog position in the wayyyy back of the class. Of course you adore her so you agree...AGAIN to check out this, what she would call "super cool" fitness class. You walk into the building and right away you are greeted by the instructor Julie. She is half your size, half your weight and half your age! OHHHH boy...this should be interesting. Your friend walks up to you loaded with caffeine and enthusiasm...should I mention this is a 5am class! The double doors of the studio opens up and you get your first look around to your personal "playground hell" for the next 45 minutes. Station after station is set up making the room look like a scene from a mini boot-camp horror movie. Each person takes their position at one sooner do you arrive at your starting point that the doors shut, the music starts and little miss Julie has gone from a tiny little thing to a drill sergeant in training :0). You close your eyes exhale for what may be the last time and start your warm up. BURPEES!!! Come on really who starts a warm up with the one move that everyone in the word hates? You look over at your girlfriend, give your a half smile and return to your workout. The first station or two is a hot mess...your breathing heavy, your legs feel as if they are made of glue, and you find yourself secretly counting how many more you have to go. BUT THEN IT absolute magic, your head catches up to what your body is doing. You start pounding out each station like a warrior, you find yourself weirdly excited to get to the next one....and the next...what is going on? This is when those amazing little things called ENDORPHINS start kicking in. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and produce a HAPPY FEELING! WAYYYY cool right? The once brutal beginning of this workout became an after thought when the final class countdown bell rang. You not only had one hell of a calorie burn, but you feel absolutely amazing with the after effect of those tiny little endorphins still kicking. The point of this story is simple....showing up to the workout is by far the hardest thing to do. The effects of a GREAT workout can lead you into a fantastic day and leave you feeling more energized to take on the world. Step outside your comfort will be well worth it.