• Christine Schultek

The GOAL setter...

You hired a personal trainer, or decided to finally hit the gym floor again, or for the first what? First off and most importantly you should give yourself a HUGE pat on the back. This is your very step and it's usually the hardest to swallow. Before you step into the gym I would highly suggest writing down a few goals. I wouldn't suggest going HUGE at first only because you want to be able to follow it and to smash it into the ground. A basic few goals to set are

1- 30 minutes a day for x amount of days per week. Once again don't go in head first...if you only want to go 2 times a week for 30 minutes...than that's awesome. If after a few weeks you want to bump up the time than maybe adding 10 minutes is the next goal, or adding an extra day.

2- Classes- A great goal and sort of fun game is to look at the class schedules going on and try a new class once a week. Heck, you never know what you will like until you try it. Don't feel overwhelmed most classes have a handful of newbies at any given time.

3- 5lbs...yup make a quick goal of weight loss. I'm not a huge believer in that sort of goal setting, but I am a measuring kind of gal. Which ever it may be..remember start off small. The average person should be able to lose a healthy 2 pounds per week. With that said not EVERYONE has weight to lose. It can very difficult and frustrating for people when they do not see the scale move...there could be a ton of reasons why but sometimes its because you have lost as much as your body will allow without going to extreme. In that case go with how your pants fit.

Now once you have set in to action a smaller goal and you have completely dedicated the time, that's when you start setting them a tad bit higher.


1- Sign up for a 5k or 10k

2- Take the classes you like and add another day to the gym...I mean who wants to miss a killer instructor led workout?

3- Start journaling your food intake. You will be surprised what your eating and when you are eating it. I noticed when I'm bored my level of munchies go through the roof.

The best part about creating goals is that it will help keep you accountable. But you have to be willing to stick to it. Too many times I hear people say they want to lose x amount of weight, however their eating habit are very poor. Let,s be honest YOU CAN in fact ruin a great workout if afterwards you find the nearest drive thru. NO NO NO :0). Set those goals, smash them and repeat!