• Christine Schultek

TIME??? What Time?

I would actually laugh at people when they would say "Don't forget to make time for yourself". Ha, I had a 3 year old and newborn twins. Time? What time? From the moment I woke up I was on the go, changing diapers, feeding, getting a toddler ready for pre school, and managing the daily going ons in a house where my husband was the sole provider, and busy traveling for work. I even got to the point that I needed to order milk to have delivered because I didn't even have time to pack up the kids and go to the store. Here's what was going on however....I was making myself busy. I was a stay at home mom and that was my job. I can easily sit back now and see all the time I actually did have. Now don't get me wrong, being a stay at home mom was by far the hardest, and loneliness job I have ever had and when you are consumed in it daily it's easy to feel overwhelmed. It wasn't until my twins turned one that I finally stepped back and looked at myself in the mirror. I had put on a ton of weight, I was tired, stressed, and feeling less of a woman. I wasn't making any time for ME. This can become super unhealthy if you don't take control of it. I knew my kids needed me to be a better mom than I was being. Not that I sucked at it, but deep down inside I just didn't like any aspect of this period of my life. It had nothing to do with my kids, but it had everything to do with me. So what does one do in this moment?? For me I decided to join my local gym. I would go late at night if my husband was at home and I had the kids already in bed. I HAD TO MAKE THE TIME. It was not easy and honestly sleep would have been so much better..but I knew I needed this physically, mentally and emotionally. My first solo session at the gym was painful, uneventful, and all I could do was compare myself to the young model like people walking around. I found myself judging them, and myself. I continued to go however, and every workout became different. Not because of what exercise I was doing but because my body started feeling different. In other term I started feeling GREAT. Heck, I even went out and spent money I did not have on workout clothes instead of wearing my husbands sweatpants. I was slowly becoming me again. My personal journey did not take 6 months....not even 3 personal journey continues to develops daily.

I work with many women. One in particular strikes me while I write this. She has 3 kids all of whom are in different sports, she has a full time job, a couple of aches and pains, and a sleep schedule that makes me cringe lol. She comes in 3 times a week..SHE MAKES TIME! Why, because it makes her feel good especially when she sees changes. As I said she maybe one of the busiest women I know and is in 20 different directions at any part of the day. SHE MAKES TIME. Trust me I understand its hard to do, and who wants to workout if they have 30-45 minutes to decompress??? I cannot even tell you the amazing side effects of exercise. It will truly renew your energy...and mentally there is no better drug. If its yoga, HIIT, BARRE, weightlifting, or whatever you think you may enjoy, just make me your family, mind and body will thank you :0).