• Christine Schultek

You mean I can train wherever ?

I will admit when I heard about online training I almost cringed...what the HECK is online training and WHY in the heck would someone choose this style of training? So I decided to do a little research...and what I have found is AMAZING! Let me explain. Have you ever walked into a gym and decided to play it safe and end up on the only machine in there you totally know how to use? And each time you walk in you go to the same machine, to the point that if someone is on "your" machine you now get a little upset knowing you may have to go try something different. This can be a scary moment for some because WHAT THE HECK is all that other stuff and how do you use it? I remember finding myself in the same position. So what did I do? I hired a trainer cause heck they know what all those devices do ...right?? Now in many cases one on one training may NOT be ideal because of either, costs, location, or maybe you just don't want someone staring at you while you work out. So here is where online training can KICK ASS! The program is designed for you and your personal goals...weight loss, strength..etc…. you have the ability to set the time of day instead of being on a schedule, and you can pick the location. Everything you need is in your hands for a successful workout. But what about form right? No, we didn't lose the ability to still show you proper techniques. Each exercise you are assigned also comes with a video that demonstrates the moves!!! is that COOL! With schedules these days people are finding less time to hit the gym and get in a GREAT workout. This does not need to be the case because you can even do your workouts at home. Do you need equipment? Not really, depending on your goals. OKAY OKAY what about accountability? Yup, this one is a BIG MUST for people. What if I told you your trainer will check in with you, and you have 24 hour access to them as well through the app? This is the future of working o

ut. And I'm super excited to jump on board to be able to assist you near or far! The best thing is if you have a planned vacation on business meeting we can still design workouts you can bring with you so you do not lose track. I'm a HUGE fan. If you are looking into trying out this style of training hit me up. I would love to be able to help you towards your goals. Packages are listed on my website below.